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This is our harness leather dog collar, great for walking your dog in comfort and style, just a nice all around collar. Used by pet owners, dog trainers and service dog handlers.

Unlike synthetic material, leather dog collars are natural, versatile, hard wearing and gain character with age. At Prodogz.com we look for the highest quality leather and stitching to ensure a long and useful life. Through my years of working with people and their dogs, I have discovered that there are nearly as many leather dog collar designs as there are dogs who wear them. Shown here are some of our favorite leather dog collars including some new working leather dog collars, the traditional flat buckle leather dog collar, the split D leather dog collar, the ultra soft bull hide leather dog collars and the adjustable leather slip collar dog collar.

We have Custom Leather Dog Collars and Custom Leather Dog Leashes for the Professional. Whether you’re competing in the ring, field or taking your dog for a walk, we have Custom Leather Designs to meet all of your needs. All Collars and Leads are hand crafted with finished edges and are professionally stitched with nylon threads. Their appeal is augmented by the use of high-quality brass hardware, lending additional luster to the elegance of the leather. So when the walk calls for a blend of style and performance, look no further. We've got the working accessories you and your dog need. It's probably the case that we're even more particular about our leather dog leashes, leather dog leads and leather training tabs than you are. Whether you are a professional handler or trainer or a person with a working or companion dog who appreciates fine hand-crafted leather leashes that will last, look no farther. With minimal care, our leather dog leashes, leads and tabs will give you and your partner years of comfortable service.

Our collars are made of leather or made of extra strong nylon material. We use nickel or brass plated hardware. Being suppliers of army, police and professional dog trainers forces us to stand highest standards for quality and durability. We use best materials for our collars. We invest all our knowledge in the design. Our collars best choice for your service or companion dog. Our collars will make the difference for you and for your dog when this is about success, comfort, safety, quality, durability and professionalism. Our high quality Brass Herm Sprenger fur savers are perfect for every dog and every budget. Our high quality Herm Sprenger fur savers are perfect for every dog and every budget. Looking for a leather collar for your dog? You will find it here. We have range of collars for every service, police, working, sport and large dog. Our collars are made of extra strong durable leather. Our Fursavers come from the worlds leading manufacture of dog fursavers Herm Sprenger.

WHY A LEATHER DOG COLLAR? Some dog trainers prefer leather collars when training their dogs because it won't pull on a dog's neck like nylon or other synthetic material when you're working with a dog. Leather has a different kind of friction. Leather doesn't spin on a dog the same as nylon. Doesn't tangle. Moves better on the dogs neck when cornering. The collar turns easier. Many dog owners like look and feel of leather dog collars. Leather is one of the world's strongest materials and lasts a long time when taken care of properly. Leather is very durable. On the downside, you have to care for leather collars a little more, especially if you're working your dogs in water and the leather gets wet. You can clean a leather dog collar with a leather cleaner such as SADDLE SOAP. You also don't want a collar to dry out, so keep it clean and oiled with neatsfoot oil or other leather conditioner. If you have a dog with a light-colored coat like a yellow labrador retriever, don't put something on the collar that will stain the dog's neck! Leather Collar Features: A must for the distinctive working dog. Great looking and extremely durable. Center "safety" ring relieves pressure when caught on an obstacle and is also a handy place to attach a lead. Fully stitched design with solid brass buckle, center ring and dee ring. Made in the USA

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