Obedience Without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov Video 3 - The Retrieve

Obedience Without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov Video 3 - The Retrieve
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Obedience without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov DVD 3: The Retrieve

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Ivan's innovative approach to the divide between inducive and compulsive methods is bridged in this, the third, in the Obedience without Conflict series. Through the use of tension and minimum force, Ivan demonstrates this innovative technique for creating a world class retrieve through the isolation of the "hold" behavior. The distinction between holding and gripping is made clear and the topography of the retrieve is discussed and taught step by step.

This title covers the most challenging aspect of the retrieve exercise- speed and solid gripping under stimulus control. Through discrimination exercises the dog is also taught the cues for jumping and climbing through distraction while building a foundation for fast retrieving through unconflicted play. This title focuses on isolating speed while teaching correct holding through the use of a Retrieve Dowel, jumping and climbing behaviors under distraction and then combining the behaviors once taught and conditioned under independent stimulus control.

Chapters include:
• Introduction
• The Prerequisite: An unconflicted play retrieve.
• Play Retrieving: The Procedure.
• Formal Retrieving
• Step 2: Injecting tension and a sense of obligation.
• The Dumbbell Proper
• The Jump
• The Scaling Wall
• Conclusion


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