Obedience without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov Video 4

Obedience without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov Video 4
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Obedience without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov Video 4- The Motion Exercises, Recall and Send-Away

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This, the final, in the Obedience without Conflict series covers the remaining exercises in the obedience routine. The integration of the sit, down and stand into the obedience routine is demonstrated as a natural progression of The Game. The Recall is taught through the use of discrimination exercises and increasing reliance upon effort from the dog while fading prompts and gestural cues utilizing the principle of backchaining.

The Send-Away, the only exercise which teaches orientation away from the handler, and often a source of great difficulty, is taught in detail from start to finish. The importance of a cue, establishing a habit through handling, the 9 stages of development and considerations during integration into the routine are demonstrated and discussed. Through the use of graphics and detailed video, the process of conditioning trust and send-away orientation based on the structure of the obedience routine is explained and demonstrated in detail. 

Chapters include:
• The Motion Exercises
• The Recall
• The Send-Away
• Conclusion
• Bonus Material
• Additional Titles

Bonus Footage
A 17 minute unedited training session teaching the stand in motion is included. Because Ivan extemporaneously acts as handler, he wasn't rigged with audio equipment, so the audio is for the most part unintelligible however the clip emphasizes the power of using markers and reward as seen as this Beauceron learns the stand in motion. Impressive footage worth a look and ideal for considering your own use of markers and reinforcement as you view.


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