Obedience Without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov - Clear Communication

Obedience Without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov - Clear Communication
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Obedience Without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov

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This long awaited production is packed with detailed instructional information. This production details:

This long awaited production features one of today's most prominent and successful dog sport competitors and coaches. Ivan's techniques for creating crystal clarity in communication between handler and dog are detailed. True partnership is attained when the conflict of miscommunication is broken through common language.

The importance of signaled non-reward is emphasized as a tool in creating clarity and immediate cue response. In addition to being the foundation behind Ivan's system of creating world class obedience performance, this title is ideal for any system of dog training regardless of activity/methodology. Every dog handler team will benefit in improved communication, strengthened trust and more consistent obedience performance, whether competitor or companion.

  •     how to establish clear communication with your dog
  •     how to use the release command as a bridge
  •     the proper use of the release command, reassurance command, and reward
  •     the relationship between fast performance, the release, and reward
  •     the interaction between primary, secondary, and tertiary reinforcers
  •     the use of signaled non-reward
  •     the relationship between "passive" and "active" obedience exercises
  •     an introduction to "The Game"

Obedience Without Conflict with Ivan Balabanov

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