Hands Free Jogging / Walking Leash

Hands Free Jogging / Walking Leash
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Product Description
You are Set to run with your dog: belt + leash with shock absorber (harness sold separate)

You sit at home and do not have any ideas for an active day? It's wonderful! Thanks to our innovative product, you can go jogging with your best friend. Unique recreational running set that includes professional belt and shock absorbing. Great and safe solution not just for runners. It is available in two sizes. All for your convenience!

- You have no idea to spend your free time with your pet?

- You want to keep fit?

- You do not have anyone to leave your dog and you want to get some exercise.

- You want to actively spend your free time?

This solution is perfect for you! 


- Quick and easy fastening with double-strength

- Shock Absorber

- Leash with adjustable length

- Handle for holding your dog

- Wide range of belt adjustment

- Soft, breathable lining

- Reflective

- Highest quality production

- Two sizes to choose

In response to questions about the breed of the dog and the fit:

Sizing applies to only the width and thickness of the belt and lead. If your dog is large and strong we recommend the "L / XL". If the dog is smaller and not a big puller, "S / M". The snap hook fasteners and other components are made from the highest quality so that when running you do not have to worry. The product is tested by us and are 100% ready for regular use.


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