Bungee Dog Tug Toy

White Hose Bungee tug Toy

Shoes 1

The bungee is inside a soft nylon handle, the bungee absorbs some the pull on your arm.

Bite Suit Bungee Tug Toy

Shoes 2

Put a new spin on your tug play with your dog, the bungee toy is a great way to interact with your best friend.

Yellow Fire Hose Bungee Tug 1 Handle

Yellow Fire Hose Bungee Tug 1 Handle

Redline K9 Fire Hose Bungee Dog Tug Toy 2" x 8" 1 Handle Fire hose bungee bite tug toys are very popular dog reward toys.

Other Bite Tugs

Jute Tug Toys
Prodogz.com: Jute Tug Toy

Use it in your training to build a high drive in your dogs. High quality Jute with high quality stitching.

Leather Tug Toys
Prodogz.com: Leather Tug Toys

Leather Tug Toy are handmade at our shop, we hand pick the Leather hides to insure the quality.

Fire Hose Tugs
Prodogz.com: Fire Hose Tugs

All of our tugs are made from high quality material whether that be leather, jute, fire hose or even french linen.

French Linen Bite Suit Tug Toys
Prodogz.com: French Linen Tugs

Bite Suit Training Tugs are widely used in Schutzhund training.

Jole Blue Tug Toy
Jole Blue Tug Toy

Jole Dog Tug Toys are made from a very durable cotton material and come in bright colors.

Jole Pink Tug Toy
Jole Pink Tug Toy

Jole Dog Tug Toys are made from a very durable cotton material and come in bright colors.

Bungee Tug Toys
Prodogz.com: 3 Handle Gusset

Fire hose bungee bite tug toys are very popular dog reward toys.

White Fire Hose Tug Toy
Prodogz.com: 3 Handle Gusset

Fire Hose dog training tug toys are easy to hide in pockets and make a great reward toy for your dog.

Grip Building Tugs
Prodogz.com: 3 Handle Gusset

Prodogz.com Bite wedges give you a excellent opportunity to start you dog in targeting.

We carry a large selection of dog training tugs. Tugs Toys and tugs are used to help motivate dogs in dog training like schutzhund, K9 & SAR.

Using the right toy for training will increase your dogs learning curve.This is especially true with dogs involved in the biting sports or even dogs involved in Agility – where a tug reward is often the reward of choice.

So if your looking for a bite tug, bite wedges or dog toy for your dog? You will find it here.We have range of bite tugs for every task - schutzhund training, police training, military training etc. All our equipment is tested for months with police and military trainers for durability before they are available for you. Being suppliers of army, police and professional dog trainers forces us to stand highest standards for quality and durability.

Rewards In Dog Training Positive reinforcers can be anything that the dog finds rewarding - special food treats, the chance to play with a tug toy, social interaction with other dogs, or the owner's attention. The more rewarding a dog finds a particular reinforcer, the more work he will be prepared to do in order to obtain the reinforcer. Just being happy about a dog's accomplishment is a reward to them.

Some dog trainers for example suggest using treats that are particularly favoured by your pooch. Your dog or puppy may particularly enjoy liver treats or cheese. However, always make sure that the treat that you use as a positive reinforcer is healthy and will not damage your dog or puppy's overall health.

Some trainers go through a process of teaching a puppy to strongly desire a particular toy, in order to make the toy a more powerful positive reinforcer for good behaviour. This process is called "building prey drive", and is commonly used in the training of Narcotics Detection and Police Service dogs. The goal is to produce a dog who will work independently for long periods of time, in the hopes of earning access to its special toy reward.

Correction are only effective when paired with teaching the dog desired behaviors, but tend to be ineffective without teaching the dog the proper ways to avoid the correction and achieve reward. Corrections should only be administered as appropriate for the dog's personality, age, experience and physical and emotional condition. Some dogs may show signs of fear or anxiety with harsh verbal corrections. Other dogs may ignore a verbal reprimand. Some dogs develop an aversion or fear of water, when water is sprayed at them as an aversive.